I have another motorcycle in my garage.  I’ve never owned the bike but I do have had some history with it.  Back in 2002 or 2003 a friend bought it from a girl I worked with.  In mid-2003 I had a big motorcycle accident myself and the friend stopped riding the bike and eventually sold it to another friend of mine.  At some point after that we worked on it in my garage (I think we cleaned the carbs and that was about it.)  The friend then gave it to his mom to ride.  She fell down on it once and it has been sitting ever since.  The gas tank cap was broken at some point (there is a dent in the tank) and it sat open all this time.  My friend wants to sell it and so he dropped it off for me to work on.  The bike is a 1990 Kawasaki 250.  It only has 5,000 original miles and new tires so the primary goals are to fix up the plastics and get it running.  It should be a good beginner bike for someone once we have it up and going.  It will need a battery, a gas cap and mount, and a some clean-up work.  Stay tuned for future posts on the project!

1990 Kawasaki 250